Carpe Diem

I need it, i beat it
A cannot be defeated
You see me
You fear me
You'd better run

Ride ride ride till the end of the day
Adrenaline, i will obey

Rock hard
This is what i exist for
I really like this game
My meaning of existence
Fear me
Commemorate my name

I want it, i need it
The clock cannot be cheated
The tumor
In my head
Erases time

My whole life wasted
Now that is clear
I don't care i know
My end is near

Haunted by spectre of death
I don't care my time is counted
I am the queen of my fate
Accelerate till the end
Against the entire world
Shifting the end of my lifetime
My story's not yet been told

No one can stop me now
I know my time has come
Use my life till the end
So carpe diem