Messenger checked, instagram checked
On small device bending my neck
Gathering likes, gathering thumbs!
From dumbs

My phone is private kingdom, connected to my brain
Moments of disconnection are pain

I won't become offline
I won't let go device
My life is so perfected
Never disconnected

With bended neck
Looking on glass
Everyone else I must surpass
My life is good, my life is fine
But only when I am online

Connection lost, what should I do?
I feel that my life is through
Can’t gain more likes, can’t send more memes
to friends

I raise my bloodshot eyes, I raise my bended neck!
I don’t like what I see, want back

Confidence send, happiness send
Another unknown made me friend
Virtual life, replaces real
Good deal

Society despise me, I lived my life alone
Virtual sanctuary
Is home