Outside The Cave

Once I stopped and saw how we behave
Exactly like a man who was born in cave
Exit lights are blinking on his back
He never turns around
In chains he's too earthbound

Whole real world we know
Is shadows on a stonewall

There's the sunlight
Cleansing eyesight
Just beyond the safe enclave
There's connection
New perception
Here outside the cave

Once I stopped and saw how deep we stare
On the wall in cave full of ghosts and shades
Exit door are waiting in the back
We never turn around
New land will not be found

I stood up abruptly I felt strange
I looked around the cave
And saw that something changed
Exit lights called me from beyond
Then free to go no tied
I finally went outside

All things are friable
Our senses believe
There's no more than this
But our conceptions
Are only reflections
Be the one who can see
The eternal verities